TLED Lighting Retrofits with Dedicated Drivers

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) evaluated two linear LED lighting retrofits that use the existing lens and fixture. Results showed energy savings between 27-29%, and general occupant satisfaction with light level and quality. View full-size infographic. [PDF - 243 KB]

GPG Findings 030, September 2016, LED Fixtures with Integrated Advanced Lighting Controls. Opportunity:How much energycould GSA save by converting LFLs to LEDs? 134 GWH ELECTRICITY/YEAR. REPLACING 1.53 MILLION LINEARFLORESCENT LAMPS (LFLS) $15 MILLION ANNUAL SAVINGS at national average utility rate of $0.11/kWh. Technology: How do these LED Retrofits work? REPLACE LAMP AND LED DRIVER USING EXISTING LENS & FIXTURE; NO NEED TO ALTER CEILING GRID. Compatible with advanced lighting controls (ALCs). Measurement and Verification. Where did M and V occur? PACIFIC NORTHWEST NATIONAL LABORATORY assessed two LED retrofits (“LED-A” and “LED-B”) in three federal buildings: GSA ’s regionalheadquarters in Auburn, Washington; the Cabell Federal Building in Dallas, Texas; and the Veterans Administration Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Results: How did LED downlight lamps perform in M&V?27-29%ENERGY SAVINGS. ADDITIONAL SAVINGS POSSIBLE WITH ALC.EASY INSTALLATION SIMILAR TO LFL LAMP AND BALLAST REPLACEMENT.Deployment: Where does M&V recommend deploying LED downlight lamps? 6YR PAYBACK AT AVG. UTILITY RATE AND $50 FIXTURE COST.LED options had similar illuminance levels (4500 lumens, LED-A; 4400, LED-B)but different light output.Where does M&V recommend deploying LED Retrofits? FIXTURES WITH LENSES ANDSOCKETS IN GOOD CONDITION. And where ALC is desired or useful. To asses fit, light levels, color, temperatureand glare, test a small number of lights before committing to purchase. Consider compatibility and controls when selecting an LED replacement.LED-A Replacement lamp, uses alternative mounting, LED driver.LED-B Replacement lamp, uses existing socket, LED driver. [PDF - 243 KB]

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