Fine Arts Program Library

Care and Maintenance

Name Format Size Publish Date
Care and Maintenance Part I: Introduction [PDF - 341 KB] PDF 349k 6/1/2005
Care and Maintenance Part I: Paintings [PDF - 285 KB] PDF 291k
Care and Maintenance Part II: Sculpture [PDF - 494 KB] PDF 506k
Care and Maintenance Part III: Textiles [PDF - 351 KB] PDF 359k
Care and Maintenance Part IV: Architectural Arts [PDF - 592 KB] PDF 605k
Care and Maintenance Part V: Appendix [PDF - 116 KB] PDF 119k

Department of Justice Building, Washington, DC

Name Format Size
"Activities of the Department of Justice" by Louis Bouche [PDF - 901 KB] PDF 899k
"Society Freed Through Justice" by George Biddle [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 1695k
Law vs Mob Rule by John Steuart Curry [PDF - 129 KB] PDF 132k
Majesty and Spirit of Justice by Carl Paul Jennewein [PDF - 121 KB] PDF 124k
"Law Versus Mob Rule" and "Justice and the Plains" by John Steuart Curry and "The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water" by Carl Paul Jennewein [PDF - 918 KB] PDF 939k

Education and Outreach

Name Format Size
"History of Florida" by Edward "Buk" Ulreich [PDF - 219 KB] PDF 433k
An Oklahoma Tribute [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 1933k
Justice as Protector by Stefan Hirsch [PDF - 123 KB] PDF 125k
Justice by Leo Friedlander [PDF - 111 KB] PDF 113k
Jurisprudence by Daniel C. French [PDF - 136 KB] PDF 138k
Lens Ceiling by James Carpenter [PDF - 1 MB] PDF 1184k
Nemesis by Thomas Gilbert White [PDF - 103 KB] PDF 105k
One Nation Under Law by Lincoln Perry [PDF - 127 KB] PDF 130k
The Law by Edwin Blashfield [PDF - 93 KB] PDF 95k
The Murals at the Ariel Rios Federal Building [PDF - 8 MB] PDF 8331k
Howard M. Metzenbaum United States Courthouse, Cleveland, Ohio [PDF - 4 MB] PDF 3929k
Cleveland Venus by Jim Dine [PDF - 3 MB] PDF 2770k
U.S. Courthouse, Erie, Pennsylvania [PDF - 2 MB] PDF 1922k

Policies and Procedures

Name Format Size
Fine Arts Collection Policies and Procedures [PDF - 539 KB] PDF 539k
Last Reviewed: 2017-08-14