To assure a high standard of excellence for the American public, GSA utilizes Total Building Commissioning when serving the space requirements of Federal agencies. Total Building Commissioning is PBS’s process of ensuring quality delivery of building functionality in new construction and major modernizations. It validates and documents that the performance of the total building and its systems meet the design intent and requirements of the owner. Ultimately, Total Building Commissions helps GSA achieve its intents and requirements and fulfill its duty to both customer agencies and the American taxpayer.

The GSA Commissioning Guide provides the overall framework for commissioning, from project planning through tenant occupancy. Further, it describes the mechanics of the commissioning process, by identifying the participation of each team member and other keys to success in each step along the way. While recognizing that every project is unique and that required activities will vary, this guide describes recommendations, minimum requirements, and best practices based upon industry guidance and GSA experience. Applying the GSA Commissioning Guide completely to projects not only addresses the facility needs of customer agencies, but also ensures national consistency in PBS practice.

2020 GSA Commissioning Guide [PDF - 1 MB]

Last Reviewed: 2020-12-02