GSA serves a breadth of government needs, assists a range of businesses, and provides citizens and consumers with a wealth of information and services. Learn how GSA can help you.

Americans with Disabilities
Find information on how GSA is making government more accessible through building and workspace design, assistive technologies, and hiring practices.

Citizens & Consumers
Learn how GSA supports citizens in a variety of ways, from providing free consumer information to establishing child care centers in GSA-managed buildings.

Federal Customers
Government customers can take advantage of GSA’s varied acquisition solutions, real estate services, and facilities management.

Federal Employees
Find information on telework, travel and relocation services, child care, and more.

Native American Tribes
We offer a range of services available to federally recognized Native American tribes, from surplus property donations to vehicle purchases.

Presidential & Congressional Commissions, Boards or Small Agencies
Obtain comprehensive support for administrative and real estate support services, including but not limited to, human resources, office space, IT, legal, and contracting.

State and Local Governments
Get information about the various purchasing programs available to state and local governments, including Disaster Recovery Purchasing, IT Cooperative Purchasing, and more.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-09