IT Hardware

Does your agency have unique or recurring IT hardware needs? We can help!

Federal, state, local, and tribal governments may be eligible to buy IT hardware through GSA's contract vehicles.

We offer a wide range of IT and telecommunications hardware and services for one-time purchases or as part of a total IT solution, including:

  • Communications equipment (landline phones including VoIP, modems, routers, switches, and wireless broadband devices)
  • Computing equipment (laptops, desktops, keyboards, electronic equipment, printers, scanners, copiers)
  • Fiber-optic equipment
  • Hardware services, such as maintenance (ie. SmartNet for Cisco products)

Buying IT hardware


MAS Information Technology features over 5,000 industry partners offering a wide variety of commercial hardware products and services, including:

Blanket Purchase Agreements

Our laptops and desktops BPA offer standard desktop and laptop arrangements.

2GIT offers in-scope, pre-competed commercial hardware, software, and ancillary services.

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts

GWACs offer federal agencies access to software, training, and professional services as part of a total IT solution.

State, local, and tribal governments

State, local, and tribal governments can use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to buy software and cloud from MAS Information Technology and certain SmartBUY agreements.

Selling IT hardware


Existing MAS contract holders can submit a modification to add a SIN in the eOffer/eMod portal. Review and report sales using the Vendor Support Center.

If you don't yet have a MAS contract, follow the MAS Roadmap guidance for preparing and sending an offer and check out our MAS IT industry guidance and resources.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-15