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The federal government faces daily cyber-attacks. Even in a resource-constrained environment, departments and agencies need to implement cost-effective and efficient cybersecurity controls for federal information systems.

Our contracts help customers comply with mandates and guidelines for cybersecurity products, services, and solutions as well as allowing vendors to offer their products and services.

We offer a customizable suite of products and services, including shared services, helping government enhance security while bringing systems into the 21st century. We continually improve how we deliver the best value in technology services to government.


IT Security Services

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We offer cost-effective IT Security services through GSA's many acquisition channels and sell to the federal marketplace. We're committed to your success.

IT Schedule 70

Our industry partners have access to billions of dollars in revenue through IT Schedule 70. Learn more about selling through IT Schedule 70. For more information, visit IT Schedule 70 FAQs.

Use the FASt Lane program for IT Schedule 70:

Suppliers get shorter processing times for IT Schedule 70 contract actions that directly support federal customer agency requirements, including cyber solutions.

Industry partners can offer cost-effective, innovative solutions for information technology (IT) requirements through Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) and IT Schedule 70. Having a GSA contract requires a significant investment on the industry partner's part, so we are committed to helping industry partners succeed in the government marketplace.

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