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FAS Hosts Back To School Furniture Event

Teachers pose at te furniture for schools event hosted by FAS

Several teachers from around the country came to the FAS Personal Property Warehouse in Springfield, Virginia to select from the vast inventory of excessed furniture. Teachers arrived in U-Haul trucks prepared to load and transport their donated furniture back to their schools.  
The educators surveyed the rows of desks, chairs and cabinets that spanned for what seemed like miles. Rickey Parker, Chief, Utilization and Donation Program, greeted the teachers who gathered in the reception area, some for the first time.  As the teachers were escorted to the warehouse, the first time visitors were overwhelmed by the vast supply of desks, cabinets and chairs.  One teacher actually teared up. John Swann from Hyattsville Elementary said, “we used to have to buy furniture from the school’s fund but the budget has been cut so dramatically we haven’t been able to replace broken furniture.” His colleague, Cecelia Penate agreed saying the FAS Furniture Donation Program is “a wonderful opportunity, and we are very thankful.”

It was heartwarming to see how much the opportunity to receive surplus office furniture at no cost meant to these dedicated teachers. For more information please contact the FAS Office of Personal Property Management at 202-619-8968.  

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