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NCR August Small Business Roundtable

The NCR Office of Small Business Utilization and the Regional Administrator (RA), Scott Anderson hosted a Small Business Roundtable.

The Strat room filled with enthusiastic small business leaders eager to share their input on public policy regarding small business associations. Business owners networked over refreshments and shared stories of past roundtables and mutual associations. They were eager to gain access to the latest information to increase their influence and better advance their small business while GSA welcomed the industry feedback.

Ralph Buchanen, Program Manager for NCR welcomed the participants, thanked them for attending and introduced Judith Stackhouse, the Zone 3 Supervisor. Stackhouse went over the Anderson’s biography and introduced him as someone highly interested in small business success. Anderson described helping NCR to meet our small business goals as one of his favorite parts of his job. He closed with “I hope you learn a lot and I am very proud of the NCR team. We have an amazing group of people here.”

Mani Allu, CEO of Centennial Technologies was very impressed with the presentation. When asked what he hoped to gain from the Roundtable, he listed three things:

  • Upcoming business opportunities and how his company can meet their needs. 
  • An understanding of how GSA is keeping up with our forecasts
  • And who are the most important points of contact

The Roundtable produced a robust dialogue and allowed vendors to network in a meaningful way.