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May is Historic Preservation Month

Modernism Is The New "Old"

Image of a wall that says May is National Histori

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 is a cornerstone of American historic preservation. It was created in the midst of urban renewal when too many important historic places were being lost to post-World War II development and construction.  In an effort to save cherished buildings and communities, the NHPA was created to require the federal government play a critical role in protecting places that embody the United States' cultural heritage. GSA has the privilege of being the steward of hundreds of federal buildings, courthouses, and border stations that house federal employees and serve the public, with modern era buildings making up approximately 34% of our inventory.  

To put this 1960’s era into context for you, think:

  • Neil Armstrong becoming the first man on the moon
  • Woodstock
  • The Vietnam War
  • The launch of Sesame Street

50 years ago this October, President Lyndon Johnson signed the National Historic Preservation Act into law, officially recognizing the value of historic preservation in our country.  The Act established the federal framework supporting the preservation and protection of the significant buildings, landscapes and archaeology in communities across the United States.  GSA is celebrating this occasion by recognizing our own buildings that were built during this era of change.

Image of Byron Rogers Federal Building and Courth

Preserving historic buildings is crucial to retaining our nation’s heritage and history. GSA is honored to serve as stewards of some of America’s most treasured resources, helping create and enhance environments that support, inform, and enrich the lives of Americans. Be sure to follow our May Historic Preservation posts on Twitter from @US_GSAR8 and using #ThisPlaceMatters.