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Episode 9 - State of Charge

In episode 9, listeners take a ride into the future of American transportation. Host Rob Trubia navigates a conversation highlighting the transition of the vast government fleet of over 600,000 vehicles to zero emissions. 

Mark Dowd, the Director of Zero Emission Vehicle Fleets at the Council on Environmental Quality, sheds light on why the fleet of light-duty vehicles is leaning heavily toward electric. Adding to the conversation, Crystal Philcox, the assistant commissioner of the office overseeing the transition at GSA, explains the logistics of such a large-scale effort. 

Beyond the technical aspects, the conversation naturally veers into the broader implications for the future of the automobile industry. Both experts agree that the industry is on a one-way path toward zero emissions. With the U.S. government going electric, it’s leading by example and helping shape the transportation landscape for the entire nation.

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