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GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan speaks to North America’s Building Trades Unions

WASHINGTON — Today, at the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) meeting in Washington, DC, GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan spoke about the importance of working with organized labor to modernize and optimize the federal footprint. 

The Administrator discussed GSA’s work to advance the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda and create good-paying jobs. This included highlighting GSA’s commitment to implementing the President’s Executive Order to expand the use of Project Labor Agreements on federal construction projects, its partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor on the Mega Construction Project Program, and its work to make it easier for stakeholders to track acquisition opportunities and timeframes.

Full remarks are here and key excerpts are below: 

“Just as unions led the way in fighting for a forty hour work week, workplace safety standards, living wages, and equity and fairness in the workplace…we’re once again looking to organized labor to help meet this moment in our nation’s history.”

“Your union brothers and sisters are the ones who will help deliver projects safely and efficiently – on time and on budget. You’re the ones who do the work…everything from restoring century-old historic structures…to building high-tech labs loaded with cutting-edge innovation. And right now, you’re the ones to ensure these once-in-a-generation Investments in America create more opportunities for all our people.”

“For the first time ever, President Biden as part of his budget called on Congress to give GSA access to the funding we need to maintain and renovate our buildings over the long-term – which means even more jobs for workers in communities across the country.”

“With nearly $7 billion dollars to invest, GSA is on the front lines of Investing in America and working to meet the President’s ambitious goals of transitioning our country into a clean energy economy. The urgency of this moment couldn’t be greater for our security, our economy, and our future.”

“We all know that to build the American economy of the future, we need the time and talent of all our people.  We can’t leave anyone behind – and, when we Invest in America, we mean all of America.”


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