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One-level, paneled, white building partial view with green trees above and behind Gateway to the Greens, Middlebury VT
Nov 25, 2022: 
Photos documenting the Gateway to the Greens property in Middlebury, Vermont.
Bannister Federal Complex New White Roof Bannister Federal Complex
Nov 22, 2022: 
Bannister Federal Complex project completion
Louisa Swain Renaming Ceremony
Nov 18, 2022: 
Louisa Swain Renaming Ceremony
R8 DFC Absolute Fitness weight rack black and white DFC Wellness Center Absolute Fitness
Nov 09, 2022: 
DFC Wellness Center Absolute Fitness
photo montage of covid testing site Test for Brenda
Nov 09, 2022: 
Test for Brenda
4600 Silver Hill Road Album test for Brenda
Nov 08, 2022: 
Social Security Administration (SSA) Headquarters Campus in Woodlawn, Maryland. This five-story facility served as SSA’s dedicated data center since 1980 with the third floor previously housing the National Computer Center (NCC).
1 Looking northwest. RTD Park and Ride in foreground_ Businesses along Union Blvd. and the foothills in the background. Federal Center Station Photo Album
Jun 15, 2022: 
mural of two cityscapes side by side with a row of seven smaller paintings below Harold Weston (1894-1972)
Jun 03, 2022: 
A person, standing on a ladder in front of a building with heavy trees, holding a flag pole rope with the Progress Pride flag. Kansas City Pride Flag 2022
Jun 01, 2022: 
Photos of the Progress Pride Flag at the Richard Bolling Federal Building June 1, 2022.
A beige and glass two story building with with a circle and FBI in it on the front. Kansas City FBI groundbreaking
May 24, 2022: 
Cliffside Helium Facility Signage Cliffside Helium Facility
May 17, 2022: 
This album contains photos of the Cliffside Helium Facility in Amarillo, Texas.
seven-story building on a partly cloudy day Architecture - NCR Regional Office Building
May 11, 2022: 
01 Aerial East 9th and Clermont - Denver Photo Album
May 11, 2022: 
9th and Clermont - Denver Photo Album
Rockaway Grove Aerial Complex Image Rockaway Grove Photo Gallery
Mar 29, 2022: 
A collection of images for Rockaway Grove
aluminum sculpture of a foot postman from the colonial era Berta Margoulies (1907-1996)
Mar 29, 2022: