Office of General Supplies and Services

The Office of General Supplies and Services (GSS) is responsible for acquisition services and comprehensive supply chain management, including excess/surplus federal property.

Value Proposition

GSS support includes assurance that customers are in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). In addition, centralized acquisition for items needed by multiple agencies allows GSS to:

  • Achieve lower pricing;
  • Assure conformance with regulatory acquisition requirement;
  • Assure alignment of business process and information flow within a DoD-driven global distribution system;
  • Assure prudent federal use of property through re-utilization, donation or sale, thus avoiding waste and expense; and
  • Provide commercial solutions via GSS Multiple Award Schedule, to customers worldwide and reduce costs to government.


  • GSS performs these activities with four business lines (Acquisition Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Operations, and Personal Property Management) and internal support staff.
  • Acquisition Management: Manages a large portion of the GSA Schedule program. GSA Schedule product offerings include furniture, office supplies, and (non-computer) hardware. Service offerings include supply chain and distribution services, administrative services, (non-computer) hardware services, and facilities maintenance.
  • Supply Chain Management (also known by its brand name GSA Global Supply): Manages global supply acquisition and fulfillment functions. Working with the Department of Defense, it is a vital component of the National Supply System, supporting military and civilian requirements around the world. Supply Chain Management provides global support via management of a portfolio of vendor-direct delivery contracts.
  • Retail Operations: Manages GSS’s fourth-party logistics (4PL) solutions program. The 4PL program is targeted at segments of the federal supply market requiring full supply chain support. GSS provides customized solutions to client organizations involving multiple methods of fulfillment (retail stores, customized “virtual” storefronts, multiple/parallel commercial supplier contracts, etc.). The U.S. Marine Corps is the flagship customer for this program, but all military services are supported.
  • Personal Property Management: Responsible for receiving, cataloging, and redistributing excess federal personal property. The donation, sale, and reuse of excess federal property foster responsible asset management throughout the personal property life cycle. It also allows for qualified recipients of federal property to acquire needed resources at a significant cost savings.
  • Business Line Support: Additional staff support these business lines with planning and administrative support, IT management and internal/external communications.

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