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GSA Fleet Offers Partner Agencies Cost Savings, New Technology & User-Friendly Tools

| Bill Toth, Acting Assistant Commissioner, FAS Travel and Transportation Category and Director, Office of Fleet Management
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It's important to take time every so often to reflect on the work we're doing for our customers. In the first of two blogs, we told you how leasing through GSA Fleet enables customers to enjoy the latest vehicle technology while staying within their budgets.

Our dynamic AFV Acquisition Tool, designed in-house, helps agencies make cost effective decisions of whether to buy, lease or share vehicles by allowing them to compare up to three different models based on factors such as: fuel, availability, location, miles per gallon, emissions and size. For example, an agency could use the tool to evaluate costs as they develop a plan to acquire hybrid sedans, conventionally-fueled light trucks, plug-in electric hybrid vehicles or other vehicles to fit their needs.

We also offer fleet management tools to help agencies account for asset-level fleet data and better manage and streamline their fleets. GSA "Fleet Drive-thru" helps vehicle leasing agencies conduct vehicle allocation methodology studies by providing accurate vehicle inventory listings, utilization rates, and cost information in a comprehensive fleet management system. FedFMS provides similar assistance at no cost to agencies with owned vehicles.

Beyond helping agencies decide whether to buy or lease vehicles, GSA Fleet also partners with federal agencies to provide them access to a wide range of key resources leveraging the most modern digital tools available.

GSA's Dispatch Reservation Module (DRM) is a popular car sharing option that allows customers to build vehicle motor pools from both their existing GSA leased and owned vehicle inventory. DRM allows drivers to make vehicle reservations through an online scheduling tool, track vehicle dispatches, and produce online reports to aid in fleet management decisions. Since DRM began taking reservations three years ago, more than 163,756 bookings have been made for almost 17,000 vehicles.

Finally, to help equip agencies with the data they need to manage an efficient fleet, GSA Fleet offers both aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provided telematic solutions to monitor vehicles. Telematics combines GPS tracking with on-board diagnostics to map and record the location of a vehicle. It also includes other diagnostics like fuel usage, speed, navigation, communications, safety, and security features. Deploying telematics can lead to safer driving and reduced fuel expenses for federal agencies.

For more information on how GSA Fleet is committed to keep providing the federal fleet community with increased cost savings and other efficiencies, please visit