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Army base safety improves with the GSA Fleet Telematics Program


GSA Fleet Innovation Branch recently took on a new challenge: Working with the Crane Army Ammunition Activity fleet of 251 eligible leased vehicles to provide telematics service, which uses telecommunications technology to send, receive, and store data…

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How GSA is Expanding Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure


National Drive Electric Week may be winding down, but we're still focusing on it here in our Office of Transportation, Travel and Logistics. As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’re working to offer more electric vehicles (EVs) to our federal…

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It’s Electric! Celebrating National Drive Electric Week


Happy National Drive Electric Week! For us in GSA’s Office of Fleet Management, it’s one of our most important times of the year. We support partner agencies as they explore, deploy, and acquire electric vehicles and the charging…

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#GoGreen: Benefits of Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles (EVs) have many benefits for the environment. EVs lower fuel costs and they have zero exhaust emissions when running on electricity. Over the past 10 years, EVs and their infrastructure have greatly improved.The Biden-Harris…

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GSA Observes National Drive Electric Week


This week (September 8-16) is National Drive Electric Week, a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the availability of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. At GSA, we celebrate electric vehicles for the role they play in helping to save…

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GSA Fleet Delivers for Earth Day


The 48th annual Earth Day celebration takes place on April 22nd and is an opportunity for GSA to reflect on how we deliver more efficient vehicle products and services to federal agencies. As an Office of Management and Budget designated Best-in-Class…

GSA Fleet Offers Partner Agencies Cost Savings, New Technology & User-Friendly Tools Banner

GSA Fleet Offers Partner Agencies Cost Savings, New Technology & User-Friendly Tools


It's important to take time every so often to reflect on the work we're doing for our customers. In the first of two blogs, we told you how leasing through GSA Fleet enables customers to enjoy the latest vehicle technology while staying within their…

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GSA Fleet Shows You How to Enjoy the Latest Technology & Stay in Your Budget


It’s important to take time every so often to reflect on the work we’re doing for our customers. It’s no secret that GSA continues to do a great job providing our customers with the products and services they need, while saving taxpayer…

Last Reviewed: 2021-12-23