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GSA Launches Emerging Tech Atlas to Encourage Collaboration

| GSA Blog Team
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Government agencies, policy makers, small businesses and the public now have a one-stop shop to better understand the development of emerging technologies in public services, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, and it’s ready for your contributions.

The U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas is a new open source resource designed to demystify new technologies that have the potential to dramatically improve services for citizens, cut through the hype and get to the bottom of practical applications. The Atlas includes programs, use cases and resources identified by hundreds of managers across the U.S. government in collaboration with private sector leaders and researchers. The resources will continuously update and enrich each week with:

  1. Use cases for the practical application of emerging technologies;
  2.    Reports from public service workshops, pilots, and initiatives;
  3.    Paths to current programs in action right now;
  4.    Resources anyone can use for evaluation, testing, and potential adoption.

And we’re looking forward to working with you, whether you’re a forward-leaning advocate or a healthy skeptic, to test, evaluate and build these next generation services.

Emerging technologies develop and evolve at rates faster than some organizations traditionally move, so we need to find new ways to ensure our public services and the American people are informed from the start in order to identify opportunities to work together and avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls. While early in its development, the U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas is an important step in opening our doors to programs, people and perspective shaping advancements.

The Atlas is a product of GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology program, a new inter-agency initiative that collaborates with agencies, U.S. businesses, startups, civic organizations and public/private partnerships to implement government-wide public service modernization initiatives.