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How to Successfully Migrate, Consolidate and Close Data Centers

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You need to improve your agency’s data center operations, but not sure where to start? We have just what you need! We’ve recently published the DCOI Guide for Data Center Migration, Consolidation and Closure [PDF]. This whitepaper, written by GSA’s Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) Managing Partner Program Management Office (PMO), will help federal agencies with data management and comprehensive planning for the evaluation, migration and consolidation of data centers in support of the Office of Management and Budget’s M-16-19 Memorandum.

The paper offers guidance on the following:

  • Organization and Communications
  • Streamlining the Environment
  • Enterprise Data Center Discovery
  • Agency Data Center Optimization Plan
  • Detailed Discovery
  • Application and Server Migration Phase
  • System Decommissioning
  • Data Center Closures (treated separately from migrations and consolidations)

Learn about the challenges, pitfalls and best practices associated with migrating, consolidating and closing data centers. The guide provides detailed information on how agencies can establish clear ownership of tasks, including steps to complete the migration. It also includes tips to simplify your IT environment and rationalize applications to optimize operations. The processes outlined in this paper build on one another to help your agency through the required steps while avoiding common errors. It covers everything from equipment, assets, process and people, explaining how to minimize disruption while migrating each into their new state.

How the DCOI Managing Partner PMO Can Help

We realize the migration, consolidation and closure of data centers is a massive undertaking, and we’re here to help. Please contact us at

Please also consider joining the DCOI Community of Practice (CoP). We have a listserv, a knowledge portal, and regular meetings to share agency case studies and discuss policy and implementation. Anyone with a ".gov" or ".mil" email address may join. Access the CoP using the MAX Federal Community at:

Data Center Migration, Consolidation and Closure Guide

Prepare your agency to migrate, consolidate and close data centers by using new organizational and communication strategies and aligning resources. The DCOI Program Management Office published a guide on Data Center Migration, Consolidation and Closure [PDF], which provides best practices on how to successfully manage these processes and avoid potential pitfalls.

Email for help or technical guidance.