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Army base safety improves with the GSA Fleet Telematics Program

| Bill Toth, Director, Office of Fleet Management
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GSA Fleet Innovation Branch recently took on a new challenge: Working with the Crane Army Ammunition Activity fleet of 251 eligible leased vehicles to provide telematics service, which uses telecommunications technology to send, receive, and store data connected with fleet vehicles.

Their goal? Reducing vehicle accidents and increasing employee safety. Fortunately, the team of GSA Fleet employees — Gordon Lancaster, Kyle Bromir, David Munn, David Baas, and Shane Hamilton — was there to help.

The result for CAAA was an almost immediate reduction in vehicle accidents after program implementation, which continued throughout the testing phase.

GSA Fleet Telematics Program

The GSA Fleet Telematics Program serves as one of many benefits we give to federal customers who lease vehicles from GSA Fleet. Using telematics gives agencies enhanced insight into fuel consumption, establishes vehicle use patterns, and encourages different driving behaviors — all of which can improve fleet performance.

The GSA Fleet fully-integrated telematics program provides the devices, installation, setup, training, activation, and management. We work closely with our partners to evaluate results, which helps agencies plan to improve fleet performance.

After the successful trial, the Army Materiel Command decided to deploy the telematics program to all eligible vehicles within its leased fleet. AMC will expand installing telematics devices on the rest of the vehicles in the on-base leased fleet.

AMC will also add Pro-Plus service subscriptions. This optional Pro-Plus subscription service from GSA Fleet gives our partners access to a dedicated telematics fleet management portal and more data GSA doesn’t collect, such as GPS.

Zero-emission vehicles

For agencies looking to move to zero-emission vehicles, telematics can help you plan and implement. It gathers data in real time and reflects actual vehicle usage. Usage details include trip duration, idling time, urban vs rural traffic and roadways, fuel use, and other data elements needed for inventory management.

View a demonstration of GSA Fleet Telematics on the GSA YouTube page.

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