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10x invites federal employees to pitch government-tech ideas to solve problems for the public

| GSA Blog Team
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10x— the investment program that helped stand up government-wide solutions like and the U.S. Web Design System(USWDS) — invites federal employees to help tackle the hardest problems in government by submitting ideas for transformative technology projects.

Here’s how it works

It couldn’t be simpler for feds to submit ideas to 10x: in a few sentences, describe a major problem you’ve seen in government that needs to be solved, and your idea for how technology can help solve it. Then submit. That’s it!

What we’re after

10x welcomes all kinds of technology and equity-related project ideas, but we’re especially interested in ideas that could deliver enormous impact for the public to:

  • Further the equitable use of technology in digital public service.
  • Help reimagine public engagement.

More good examples of the types of ideas that we are looking for include:

  • Ideas to deliver transformative digital services for underserved communities. 
  • Applications for new fields of design thinking and untested technology capabilities to public service. 
  • Ideas for shared services technology that could be used by millions of people (or federal employees on their behalf).
  • Moonshot ideas for break-through projects that could solve notoriously thorny government tech problems.

Once you’ve got an idea, submit it via the 10x submission webpage by 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, November 30. 

What happens next?

We’ll finalize the projects we choose to fund in early 2024 and kick them off on a rolling basis after that. But in order to get there, we need your ideas. You can send your idea today, or if you (and some federal friends or colleagues) want to get more hands-on, reach out to us  at to schedule a short interactive workshop to help you turn your creativity into a great pitch for 10x.

Happy ideating!