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How federal agencies can build a more inclusive future

| GSA Blog Team
Post filed in: Equity

Imagine a workplace where diversity isn’t just welcomed, it’s celebrated; where each employee contributes unique perspectives and skills and feels a deep sense of belonging. This is the vision that GSA and the U.S. AbilityOne Commission are working to turn into a reality, and - if you’re a federal worker reading this - your agency can be a part of this transformative journey.

“Joining GSA and being a part of the AbilityOne Program has been a life-changing experience,” said Millisa Gary, GSA’s AbilityOne Procurement Executive. “It’s more than a job; it’s a community where everyone’s abilities are valued and nurtured.”

As the central buyer for the government, GSA plays a powerful role in supporting the AbilityOne Program, one of the largest employment sources in the U.S. for the blind or significantly disabled. Our commitment is not just in words; we’ve significantly surpassed our annual pledge, directing 7.17% of our total obligated dollars – a staggering $505,931,715 in FY 23 – toward creating over 3,700 full-time jobs for individuals with disabilities.

Our dedication to the AbilityOne Program is rooted in our core values:

1. Promoting social responsibility.
2. Embracing workplace diversity.
3. Adhering to legal obligations.

We invite federal agency AbilityOne Representatives to partner with GSA’s own ABOR to champion for positive change across government. Our role goes beyond just advocacy: We are agents of change who raise awareness for mandatory source contracting and improving the program’s effectiveness.

Here’s how GSA can empower your agency:

  • Learn the essence of the AbilityOne Program.
  • Establish your own program.
  • Discover opportunities for involvement and skill enhancement.
  • Monitor your agency’s AbilityOne spending and identify best practices.
  • Resolve vendor issues.

Contact GSA’s AbilityOne representative today and be the catalyst for meaningful change in your agency. Let’s work together to build a workforce that truly reflects and meets the needs of our diverse nation.