GSA Fleet

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Army base safety improves with the GSA Fleet Telematics Program


GSA Fleet Innovation Branch recently took on a new challenge: Working with the Crane Army Ammunition Activity fleet of 251 eligible leased vehicles to provide telematics service, which uses telecommunications technology to send, receive, and store data…

2017 National Drive Electric Week Photo of an Electric Car Charging

2017 National Drive Electric Week


Welcome to National Drive Electric Week 2017! GSA recognizes that emerging technologies play a significant role in our mission to save taxpayer dollars, create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the United States; which is one reason we provide the…

GSA Fleet Saves Green


The U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Motor Vehicle Management and Fleet Services is getting the best price for American taxpayers while simultaneously offering customer agencies affordable, fuel efficient vehicles. In October,…

Last Reviewed: 2021-12-23