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  • Ana Monroe

    GSA celebrates women in technology

    | GSA Blog Team

    Ana Monroe has that West Coast tech vibe, open and curious, with a ready-to-collaborate approachability. As a strategic design leader, she specializes in #HumanCenteredDesign. She’s often asked to speak in organization and agency workshops, bringing a fresh voice to the discussion. 

    She lives in the Pacific Time zo…


  • GSA matchmaking event highlights support for small business, procurement equity

    | GSA Blog Team
    GSA’s Small Business Works 2023 event attracted 1,144 small business entrepreneurs for presentations and conversations about the importance of research, marketing to the federal government, and best p
  • You can’t get much more waterfront than this: GSA lighthouse auction shines

    | GSA Blog Team

    When Sheila Consaul walked into her waterfront summer home for the first time – bought sight unseen online for $71,010 – her eyes adjusted to the boarded up windows, broken glass, and years of teenage parties.

    And she was thrilled.

    Consaul had been outbid twice for the property, a 75-year-old lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, before she gained ownership in 2011.

  • Federal coworking in San Francisco saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars

    | GSA Blog Team

    A chance encounter in San Francisco at a meeting in January led to a new GSA federal coworking arrangement that quickly solved two problems and saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands along the way. 

  • Everything must go: Giving federal surplus property a second chance

    | GSA Blog Team

    The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) disposes of everything from office equipment, furniture and vehicles — trucks, planes, boats and more — to scientific devices, heavy machinery, and even luxury goods.

    By offloading excess personal property through GSA’s Personal Property Management program, federal agencies reduce the federal environmental footprint through responsible waste management. This helps used government property avoid the landfill.

  • Once you get here, you might not leave, says GSA intern

    | GSA Blog Team

    LaKeya Hayden was in graduate school at Bowie State University, teaching fourth graders spelling and grammar, when a classmate told her about internships at GSA.

    “Back then, I had no idea what GSA did,” she said. “I thought, ‘Let me give it a shot because I know I can always go back to teaching.’”

    She enjoyed her interview, she said, and liked the questions she was asked and information given about GSA. And, she appreciated GSA’s flexibility to let her finish her master’s degree in human resource development while interning.

  • GSA seeks more faculty, college students to participate in government challenges

    | GSA Blog Team
    GSA’s Challenge.Gov is sponsoring a crowdsourcing campaign – ReachU Challenge – to attract more people from academia to funding and prize competitions that foster innovation in the federal government.
  • GSA IT receives award for excellence in sustainable procurement of IT products

    | GSA Blog Team
    For the seventh year in a row, GSA IT won a national award recognizing organizations that buy and sell sustainable and environmentally friendly electronic products.The Global Electronics Council gives
  • Podcasting? GSA Does That!

    | GSA Blog Team

    GSA is a complex agency.

    In its 74 years of doing business, GSA is often thought of as the federal government’s landlord, or the place where traveling government employees check how much hotel rooms cost.

  • The buzz around bees: Looking back, and ahead, to the health of pollinators at GSA

    | GSA Blog Team
    Federal buildings are a hive of activity. And it’s not just on the inside.GSA is helping pollinators – mostly bees and butterflies – find a good home. That can mean on the ground or on the roof, where
  • Florida courthouse named for judge who broke racial barriers

    | GSA Blog Team

    When Joseph Woodrow Hatchett took the Florida Bar Exam in 1959, he could not stay in the hotel where the test was being administered because of Jim Crow laws still in effect.

    Nearly 63 years later, lawmakers passed a 2022 law clearing the way for GSA to display Justice Hatchett’s name on the U.S. Courthouse Annex in Tallahassee, Florida.