Industry Guidance and Resources

OASIS industry partners are integral to the helping agencies meet their complex professional services requirements. Below are resources to support OASIS vendors with contract maintenance, contract reporting, research tools and staying connected.

Contract Administration

Proper contract maintenance is vital to ensuring OASIS vendors can respond to buying opportunities.

We have designated two email addresses that must be used when contacting OASIS:

Modification- When requesting modifications (e.g., novations, address changes), submitting contract compliance deliverable documentation, or submitting changes or any other updates to your contract information (eg., email, phone, contact information), please use the following form to submit changes.

General Questions- The email address that is set up to field all general OASIS questions that are not related to contract compliance or contract changes, is:

The OASIS Systems Tools and Registration [PDF - 99 KB] document provides guides to the various registrations and tools required to manage your contract and help your company maintain compliance with the OASIS program requirements.

This welcome letter [PDF - 211 KB] provides additional guidance to newly awarded contractors.

This novation checklist [XLSX - 19 KB] provides guidance on requesting a novation under your OASIS contract.

How to Respond to Task Order Solicitations

Monitor and respond to task order solicitations through GSA eBuy, the OASIS Contractor and Email Distribution List, and Symphony Procurement Suite.

GSA eBuy is a powerful and intuitive acquisition tool used by thousands of US federal agencies and military services worldwide to achieve required competition, best pricing and value. GSA eBuy saves you time and money - all while keeping you FAR compliant.

Email links to Contractor pools are in the table below.

Please send all COCM and COPM updates, request for changes, or errors found in the spreadsheet to (do not cc or

Warning: It is strictly prohibited to send emails by way of the following Pool Links if you are not an authorized government official. Non-authorized personnel may contact the Prime Contract holders individually but not through the use of the following Pool Links.

  • The following OASIS Unrestricted (U), OASIS Small Business (SB), and OASIS 8(a) Pool Links generate a group email to the official Points of Contact for all the Prime Contract holders in the respective Pools
  • The primary purpose of the Pool links are for authorized government officials issuing Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Information (RFIs), or other Market Research requests to the OASIS U, OASIS SB, or OASIS 8(a) Prime Contract holders by Pool.

Important: Each Pool is a separate Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC). When issuing an RFP, only one Contract Vehicle (OASIS U, OASIS SB, or 8(a) pools) and one Pool can be solicited. Pool selection is based on the predominate NAICS Code (definitions by OASIS Pool Numbers) [PDF - 177 KB] assigned to the solicitation (see Ordering Guide Appendix A [DOCX - 384 KB])

Select the OASIS Unrestricted pool link that corresponds to the predominate North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code when issuing a RFP that is not a Total Small Business Set- Aside. Select the OASIS SB pool link that corresponds to the predominate NAICS code when issuing a RFP that is a Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.502-2).

Note: If clicking on the email link does not automatically pull up your email drafts, copy and paste the link into your email. Please do NOT carbon copy (cc) the or in your email to OASIS contractors

OASIS (Unrestricted) Pools OASIS SB (Total SB Set-Aside) Pools OASIS 8(a) Pools
To contact OASIS U Contractors, select the link below: To contact OASIS SB Contractors, select the link below: To contact OASIS SB 8(a) Contractors, select the link below:
Pool 1: SB Pool 1: 8(a) Pool 1:
Pool 2: SB Pool 2: 8(a) Pool 2:
Pool 3: SB Pool 3: 8(a) Pool 3:
Pool 4: SB Pool 4: 8(a) Pool 4:
Pool 5A: SB Pool 5A: 8(a) Pool 5B:
Pool 5B: SB Pool 5B: N/A
Pool 6: SB Pool 6: N/A

In March 2022, OASIS adopted Symphony Procurement Suite (the commercial-off-the-shelf software), to issue, manage and award task orders.

Symphony is a full lifecycle procurement Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing government organizations to manage complex contracts. Symphony ensures organizations are purchasing according to fair opportunity laws and rules. Symphony provides users increased transparency and integrity at both the master contract level and task order level.

This Symphony Task Order System Reference Guide for Industry [PDF - 134 KB] highlights important resources and links to help you navigate the tool.

Check out this short video: Symphony- The Task Order Tool That Works For You.

Important links and documents to note:

Questions about Symphony? Email:

Contract Reporting

The OASIS contract requires vendors to properly report new task orders awarded against their contract in CPRM.

Contract Payment Reporting Module (CPRM) - direct link

You may contact with any questions you have about CPRM or reporting.

Failure to ensure the CAF is appropriately included in all task order solicitation responses and subsequent task order awards, on a separate line item, may lead to contract non-compliance. It is critical to ensure CAF is paid to you by ordering contracting offices, so that you may in turn remit payment to GSA. Your OASIS contract requires you to report new task orders awarded against your contract within 30 days in CPRM, and to report invoices each quarter after that. Remittance of CAF billed to, and collected from, your customers in a timely manner through CPRM reporting is required by the contract in Section G.3.1., Contract Access Fee. You may contact with any questions you have about CPRM or reporting.

Below is a list of agencies that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to use the OASIS contracts and the related reduced Contract Assessment Fee (CAF) rate percentages.

Receiving Agency Negotiated CAF Rate Percentage
DOD Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) [PDF - 1 MB] 0.10%
US Air Force [PDF - 83 KB] 0.10%

US Army [PDF - 504 KB]

Addendum to MoU [PDF - 64 KB]

US Navy [PDF - 96 KB] 0.10%
Department of Homeland Security [PDF - 70 KB] 0.25%

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) [PDF - 227 KB]

*(CMMS is a Bureau within The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)).


Getting on OASIS

OASIS is not a GSA Schedule contract, meaning there is not a continuously open application process; therefore, applications will not be accepted.

Getting on OASIS is a competitive process called on-ramping. On-ramps can be conducted as necessary at GSA's discretion. GSA does not plan to conduct additional on-ramps.

The immediate opportunity is to become a subcontractor with an existing OASIS Unrestricted or OASIS SB prime contractor. Determine what core competencies and value your company brings to potential solutions, network with the OASIS primes, and figure out the best ways to work together. Reminder: It is strictly prohibited to send emails by way of the following Pool Links if you are not an authorized government official. Non-authorized personnel may contact the Prime Contract holders individually through links found the Buyers Guidance and Resources page

OASIS Shared Interest Groups

The OASIS Shared Interest Group (OSIG) supports an open channel of communication between awarded contractors and the OASIS program.

The OASIS industry partners have established an OASIS Shared Interest Group (OSIG) to support an open channel of communication between awarded contractors and the OASIS program and to collaborate on topics including business development, small business concerns, and special projects.

OASIS Contractor Capability Statements pulled together by the OSIG.

Research Tools

These tools are designed to help buyers make better program and business decisions.

Launch the OASIS Dashboard

The OASIS Program created a tool that takes its data to the next level. OASIS stakeholders can now view and segment OASIS information to make better program and business decisions.

With the OASIS Dashboard, you have the ability to:

  • Explore OASIS and OASIS SB data by federal agency and industry partner; and
  • Build customized reports and download them to your computer.

Notice to Users: GSA strives to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Some of the dashboard content presented through .swf files may not be completely accessible to users of assisted technology. If you experience technical issues, please contact BIEDW Support.

For content questions, please email OASIS Customer Support.

The Contract-Awarded Labor Category (CALC) tool helps federal contracting officers and others find awarded prices to use in negotiations for labor contracts. It offers ceiling prices, fully burdened costs, services data, and worldwide rates.

The OASIS Price Estimating Tool has been decommissioned and is no longer available. Please use the PET Resource tool (available on PET page) to develop labor rate estimates applicable to the OASIS Multiple Award Contract labor categories defined in Section J.1. Attachment 1, of the OASIS contract.

The Government-Wide Category Management (CM) Reporting and Analytics site contains a series of dashboards and tools to support stakeholders in the full CM lifecycle.

OASIS Solicitations

Reference the original OASIS solicitation documents below.

The original solicitation is self-scored and then verified by the OASIS PMO. The same evaluation criteria and scoring table of the original solicitation will be used for any on-ramping procurement. The lowest scoring contractor was based on the lowest evaluated numerical score, within a given Pool in accordance with the scoring table in Section M of the solicitation (see links above), at the time of the original awards.

Below are the lowest evaluated numerical scores per Pool per vehicle.

OASIS Small Business OASIS (Unrestricted)
Pool 1: 5925 Pool 1: 7825
Pool 2: 2250 Pool 2: 5100
Pool 3: 5875 Pool 3: 7575
Pool 4: 6575 Pool 4: 7550
Pool 5A: 6625 Pool 5A: 7950
Pool 5B: 6975 Pool 5B: 8325
Pool 6: 5450 Pool 6: 5125

Other Resources

OASIS contractors are encouraged to join the OASIS Interact community and reach out to the Vendor Support with questions about user manuals and general vendor inquiries.

Contact the National Customer Service Center for general vendor inquiries.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-30