Short-Term Rentals (STR)

The GSA Fleet Short-Term Rental (STR) Program supplies vehicles and equipment and manages procurement for all federal agencies. STR cannot be used for travel (TDY).

Vehicles and Equipment
Vehicles Equipment
Sedans (all sizes) Forklifts
Mini-vans Scissors/boom lifts
Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks Generators
Buses (without drivers) Light towers
Passenger and cargo vans Backhoes
Box, flatbed, and stake trucks Dump trucks
Refrigerated trucks and trailers Drum rollers
Single and double axle conventional tractors Excavators

Online Requests

The WebSTR website is as an easy, one-stop shop for vehicles and equipment. Log in to WebSTR to:

  • Submit a vehicle or equipment rental request
  • Track requests
  • Accept quotes
  • View rental histories

The new STR On-Demand service allows customers to interact with a vendor’s website and schedule vehicle rentals in real-time using generic dates, making it easier for customers to update awards when dates change.

New users must register for WebSTR. A GSA Billing Office Account Code (BOAC) is required to register. If you do not have a BOAC, you can request one through the STR Office. This process may take up to two weeks.

STR Costs and Fees

All requests are at the lowest rate and allow for an unlimited number of drivers. There are no ownership or maintenance costs for infrequently used vehicles and equipment. Leasing charges appear as a separate line item in the monthly bill. Tax-exempt rentals and Government Administrative Rate Supplements (GARS) do not apply in most states.

The table below is a sliding-scale of STR fees that will be applied to the total amount of award issued by request number.

STR Fees
STR Award Amount Fee
Less than $701 $35
$701 - $5,000 4.00%
$5,001 - $10,000 3.00%
$10,001 - $50,000 2.00%
Greater than $50,000 1.00%

STR Ceiling Rates

Contact the Short-Term Rental program at or 866-886-1232

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-04