For State Agencies and Public Organizations


The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program enables certain nonfederal organizations to obtain personal property that the federal government no longer needs. Surplus personal property includes all types and categories of personal property except:

  • Land or other real property;
  • Certain naval vessels; and
  • Records of the federal government.


Not every state and local government agency or public organization qualifies to receive surplus federal personal property. The States Agencies for Surplus Properties (SASP) maintain a list of organizations that are eligible for surplus personal property. These organizations include:

Obtain Code and Password

State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP) representatives can obtain a search-only access code and password. Users can request permission to select property on behalf of their state’s SASP with the proper authorization.

Search for Personal Property

Using an access code and password, SASP representatives can search GSAXcess® for available surplus personal property. In some instances, the SASP allow potential recipients search-only access to the GSAXcess® system.

Watch this video to learn more on how your organization can acquire property.

Note: This video is hosted by a nongovernmental site.

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