Acquisition Support

GSA's professional services portfolio provides a full range of acquisition services. From training to scope reviews, statement of work development to contracting support services, we are committed to helping you find the contract solution you need for your professional services acquisition. Below are some quick references.

Scope Reviews

We offers a scope review capability that analyzes the scope of your task order requirement. This service can help reduce the risk of protest and a benefit of working with GSA.

Schedules Resources

This reference address who can buy from GSA Schedules, what can be bought from Schedules, and how to buy from Schedules. This Multiple Award Schedule Reference Guide is an excellent resource.


Download the Official PSS SIN Table [DOCX - 72 KB] [DOCX - 95 KB] where you will find all of the SINs available under this Schedule.

Get Contract Support

Our team can also help with:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Acquisition Planning and Strategy Execution
  • Project Management / COR Support

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PSS Ordering Guides & Other Guidance

Access these ordering guides and guidance to help with your acquisition.

SIN NAICS Document Name SIN Name
520 7 541211

Ordering Guide for Contract Audit Related Services

Under the Professional Services Schedule

Financial & Performance Audits
541 4D 561920

Guidance when using Other Direct Costs in
support of Conference Events or Trade Show

Conferences, Events, and Trade

Show Planning Services

874 6 541611 Acquisition Support Services Ordering Guide Acquisition Management Support
874 6 541611 Notice regarding prohibition of inherently governmental services Acquisition Management Support
874 6 541611 Importance of Training for Acquisition Personnel Acquisition Management Support
874 6 541611 Sample non-disclosure Statement Acquisition Management Support
874 6 541611 Same Request for Quote Template Acquisition Management Support
874 8 611430 Acquisition Workforce Training Ordering Guide

DAU and FAI Certified DAWIA and FAC Acquisition Workforce Training

871 2




Space Launch Services Integrated Services

Implementation Guide

Concept Development
871 7



Implementation Guide

Construction Management and Engineering Consulting

Services Related to Real Property

OASIS Ordering Guide

The OASIS Master Contract and OASIS SB Master Contract will help your agency acquire professional services for integrated solutions more efficiently and economically.

OASIS and OASIS SB Ordering Guide

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