Transportation Programs

Freight Management Branch

The Freight Management Branch provides a framework for fulfilling the worldwide freight shipping requirements of federal agencies. The program offers rate management services worldwide for general commodity freight transportation. The Freight Management Branch provides:

  • Online booking of freight shipments through TransPort Integrator (TPI);
  • Significant savings off commercial rates;
  • Over 2,000 approved Transportation Service Providers (TSPs);
  • Expert assistance and guidance available from transportation management associates; and
  • Standards/requirements of Standard Tender of Service (STOS).

TransPort Integrator (TPI)

GSA's transportation management system for freight shipping. TransPort Integrator is an integrated execution solution, providing streamlined transportation management services. TPI supports the life cycle of the transportation process, from order management through financial settlement with PayPort Express integration

Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP)

CHAMP stipulates provisions for transporting household goods, privately owned vehicles, and unaccompanied air baggage of relocating federal employees to domestic and international destinations. CHAMP provides:

  • Online booking of CHAMP shipments through TMSS;
  • Significant savings over commercial rates;
  • Over 250 participating Transportation Service Providers;
  • A strict Transportation Service Provider approval process;
  • Standards/requirements for Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS); and
  • Expert assistance and guidance from GSA’s transportation management associates.

GSA's Electronic Bill of Lading (BOL)

GSA's electronic Bill of Lading (BOL) provides documentation and authorization for an agency's shipments of freight and household goods. For either method, shippers can easily book a shipment online, complete the BOL, and print a single copy to accompany the shipment.

For Freight customers, the electronic BOL is offered in GSA's transportation management system, TransPort Integrator.

For Household Goods customers, the electronic BOL is available in GSA's Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) system.

Transportation Links

The web sites below are used to assist customers in locating transportation-related sites:

Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions (TDRS)

The Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions Schedule 48 meets GSA's customer needs via a variety of transportation services. Specifically, Schedule 48 provides the following:

  • Domestic Express and ground routine shipping;
  • Employee and office relocation services;
  • Local courier services;
  • Rental Supplemental Vehicle program;
  • Transportation consulting services; and
  • Ground passenger transportation services.

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