Freight Management

GSA provides agencies with standardized and cost effective transportation services. Below you will find current GSA Freight Requests for Offers (RFOs) and Standard Tender of Service (STOS).

Standard Tender of Services (STOS) and Request for Offer (RFO) Documents

Standard Tender of Service (STOS)

GSA's Standard Tender of Service (STOS) serves as the base document for the transportation of Freight-All-Kinds (FAK) shipments by federal civilian agencies and other eligible organizations utilizing the services of GSA's Freight Management Branch.

The Standard Tender of Service is comprised of three parts:

  • GSA No. 2, Freight Standard Tender of Service establishes carrier approval requirements, solicitation and submission of rate offer procedures, performance requirements, service standards, and non-use procedures;
  • GSA No. 200, Uniform Rules Tariff describes all accessorial and rule tariffs; and
  • GSA Baseline Rate Publication No. 1000-D describes all carrier and bureau line haul tariffs.

Rate offers for the transportation of FAK shipments, solicited and accepted in accordance with the STOS, provides federal civilian agencies and other eligible organizations with the most economical and responsive transportation rates and services.

Freight Request for Offers (RFOs)

The Request for Offers (RFOs) is the process by which GSA invites Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) to submit rates to provide transportation services for the shipment of freight. The RFO transmits the special filing instructions for the submission of rate offers.

TSPs who have been approved by the Freight Management Branch and have agreed to abide by the Standard Tender of Service (STOS) terms, conditions, and associated supplements, are eligible to file rates. RFOs are issued prior to rate filing periods. View the Freight Management Library webpage for detailed information.

GSA's Standard Tender of Service establishes a uniform basis for buying freight transportation through its rules and accessorial services. GSA's solicitation and acceptance of rates and charges provide highly competitive pricing, which in many cases includes the solicitation and acceptance of rates specific to an agency's facility and traffic characteristics. TSP Rate Filing Instructions [PDF - 1 MB]

GSA's TransPort Integator (TPI) system helps ensure that agencies receive the most accurate, up-to-date rate information in a timely manner. TPI supports the activities to manage and execute the life cycle of the transportation process, from order management through financial settlement with PayPort Express integration.

For STOS and RFO historical documents, please refer to the Freight Management Library webpage.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-08-14