Report Government Aircraft Data

Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS)

  • FAIRS is a management information system operated by GSA to collect, maintain, analyze, and report information on Federal aircraft inventories and cost and usage of Federal aircraft and CAS aircraft (and related aviation services). Users access FAIRS through a highly-secure Web site.
  • Executive agencies of the United States Government must report to FAIRS if they own, bail, borrow, loan, lease, rent, charter, contract for, or obtain by ISSA Government aircraft.
  • Note that, the U.S. Armed Forces, to include the U.S. Coast Guard, and agencies included in the Intelligence community are exempt from the requirement to report information to GSA via FAIRS.

What type of information is reported to FAIRS

  • Inventory data on Federal aircraft, including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS),
  • Cost and utilization data on Federal aircraft, including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS),
  • Cost and utilization data on Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) aircraft and related aviation services,
  • Accident and incident data (see § 102-33.445); and
  • The results of standard competition studies in compliance with OMB Circular A–76 that justify purchasing, leasing, modernizing replacing, or otherwise acquiring aircraft and related aviation services.

When data should be submitted to FAIRS

  • Agencies must report any changes in their Federal aircraft inventory within 14 calendar days of those changes.
  • Agencies must also report cost and utilization data to FAIRS at the XLSX - 80.27 end of every quarter of the fiscal year (December 31, March 31, June 30 and September 30). However, agencies may also submit their information to FAIRS on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • The Aviation Open Data Set is a summary of the annual aviation cost, utilization and Federal aircraft inventory data that is submitted by the Executive agencies of the United States Government.
  • The FY 2014 [XLSX - 77 KB] and FY 2015 [XLSX - 80 KB] Aviation Open Data Sets are provided to promote accountability and support transparency in Government.
  • Summary of FY 2015 Aviation Open Data Set [DOCX - 19 KB]
  • GSA has created a data visualization tool The Federal Aviation Inventory Tool that enables a robust look into the inventory and operating costs of Federal aircraft. The tool utilizes data from the Federal Aviation Interactive Reporting System (FAIRS), and assists users and aviation program managers in making better aviation program management decisions.
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