Advice and Guidance

Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Advice and Guidance for agency committee management officers and designated federal officials.

FACA Essays and Guidance

"Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Database Cost Reporting [PDF - 123 KB]," Associate Administrator, Office of Government-wide Policy

"Final Guidance on Appointment of Lobbyists to Federal Boards and Commissions" Director, Committee Management Secretariat

"Appointment of Consultants to Advisory Committees," Karla Hester

"Appointment of Special Government Employees," Committee Management Staff

"Government Payment for Light Refreshments at Advisory Committee Meetings"

"Public Access to Advisory Committee Records," Committee Management Staff

"Preparing Federal Advisory Committee Charters [PDF - 212 KB]," Committee Management Staff

"Preparing Membership Balance Plans [PDF - 110 KB]" Committee Management Staff

"When FACA is and is Not Applicable to Interactions with the Private Sector," Helen Maus and Dan Ross

FACA Case Digest [XLSX - 222 KB] This digest is a compilation of case law developed in response to legal actions regarding FACA over the last 40 years.

Last Reviewed: 2022-10-03