Regulations Management

The Real Property Policy Division develops, coordinates, issues, administers, and evaluates compliance with real property policies, guidelines, standards, and criteria throughout the federal government.

Regulations, bulletins, and guidance issued by the Division incorporate the requirements of federal laws, Executive Orders, and other regulatory material that direct the acquisition, construction, utilization, management, and disposal of federal real property assets.

The Division also reviews and comments on legislation, and provides information on regulatory activities and best practices to our internal and external customers.


Regulations are published in the Federal Register and codified in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The regulations cover the life cycle of real property.

Part Headings
41 CFR 102-71 General
41 CFR 102-72 Delegation of Authority
41 CFR 102-73 Real Estate Acquisition
41 CFR 102-74 Facility Management
41 CFR 102-75 Real Property Disposal
41 CFR 102-76 Design and Construction
41 CFR 102-77 Art in Architecture
41 CFR 102-78 Historic Preservation
41 CFR 102-79 Assignment and Utilization of Space
41 CFR 102-80 Safety and Environmental Management
41 CFR 102-81 Security
41 CFR 102-82 Utility Services
41 CFR 102-83 Location of Space
41 CFR 102-84 Annual Real Property Inventories
41 CFR 102-85 Pricing Policy for Occupancy in GSA Space
41 CFR 102-86 Reserved

Bulletins and Guidance

Bulletins and Guidance clarify the provisions and requirements outlined in the real property regulations.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-02-28