Space Assignment

The Spatial Data Management (SDM) program assigns space by determining the total usable and rentable space within the building’s structure. Each type of space has a different classification and a different effect on an agency's rent.

Photo inside of Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center located in Washington D.C

SDM is a Continuous Process

The SDM process begins by initially measuring, classifying and assigning all spaces in a building, known as Initial Measurement and Validation (IMV). IMV involves walking every space in the building taking measurements and documenting all space types and agency assignments. After this initial measurement, the building enters into the maintenance phase. During the maintenance phase, we keep the building space information current by using a series of more progressive steps:

  • Daily Drawing Maintenance – updating routine drawings to ensure assignment information is accurate
  • Space Audit – using periodic building walk-through activities to update changes to the architecture and assignments
  • Building Re-Walk – using periodic building walk-through activities to update changes to the architecture and assignments, which is a little more comprehensive than a Space Audit
  • Re-Measurement – a thorough re-measurement of the entire building, which is very similar to an IMV

Space Assignment

Gross Measured Area the building's functional space

This area includes measurable space that is inside the building structure. This is everything from usable office space to the elevator shafts.

Rentable Area categorized by two assignment types, common and usable areas

Common area is for joint use space. This area includes building functions jointly used by multiple agencies, and can be building or floor specific. They can include anything ranging from common bathrooms to mechanical rooms. These spaces are necessary for building functions but cannot be used by individual tenants due to their nature.

Usable area is for private agency space. This area includes both assignable space and joint use space. Joint space includes food service, fitness and childcare centers as well as any space used by all tenants in the building. Assignable space includes areas, which are specific to one tenant only.

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