Missing Child Notice Program

The GSA Missing Child Notice Program provides missing child notices and guidance on how to post them in buildings owned or controlled by the federal government.

Download Notices

Posting Guidance

Walk-in Requests


Download Notices

Missing Children Posters

Notices are published each month and are available for download now.

Download the missing child notices for the current month (PDF) [PDF - 463 KB]

Download the missing child notices for the current month (Zipped File). [ZIP - 2 MB]

Posting Guidance

The posting guidance is intended for:

  • Property Management Center Directors (PMCD),
  • Customer Service Representatives (CSR), and
  • Others, including contractors (in some locations) who are responsible for posting missing child notices.

Guidance for downloading and posting missing child notices as follows:

  • Join or update your subscription to the GSA Missing Child Notice Program email list by contacting brittany.mayo@gsa.gov .
  • Check your e-mail for an alert that updated notices are available for download.
    • This happens at the beginning of each new month or when a missing child is found.
  • On or about the first of each month, remove and replace all notices from the previous month with new notices.
    • It is important that new notices are not added to existing notices.
    • Listing more that ten at a time reduces the impact of the program.
  • When selecting a site within your building to display notices, choose wisely!
    • Ensure that notices are posted in public areas and offer maximum exposure to the public.
  • Limit display to one location per building.
    • Do not display on multiple floors of the same building.
  • Leased buildings are not part of the Memorandum, however, you may still post notices if you wish.
  • Missing child notices present a powerful and emotional message. Therefore, keep all hardcopy displays tasteful and modest in size out of respect for employees who may see the pictures repeatedly.

Walk-in Requests

If a request to post a notice is received from the parent/ guardian of a missing child, the following procedures should be followed:

If the parent/ guardian has an NCMEC missing notice of their child (displays the NCMEC logo):

  1. Call the NCMEC Hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) to validate the case.
  2. Take the appropriate steps to post immediately.

If the parent/ guardian does not have a NCMEC notice about their missing child or has a different type of notice not sanctioned by NCMEC:

  1. Provide a nearby phone for them to call NCMEC Hotline.
  2. If the Hotline personnel determines that the request for posting falls under the Presidential Memorandum, they will ask to talk to you (Property Management Center Directors, Customer Service Representatives, some contractors, and others), and request the local fax number and mailing address.
  3. If a notice is available, NCMEC will make sure that it is faxed or expressed to the appropriate Federal location for posting.

If the Hotline personnel determines the request for posting does not fall under the Presidential Memorandum:

  1. They will first ask to talk to you.
  2. They will inform the parent/guardian.

If the parent/guardian does not call NCMEC, you should do so.


Per the Executive Memorandum on Missing Persons and Missing Children January 1996, executive agencies must post missing children notices in public areas. GSA is currently assisted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the Department of Justice to fulfill this directive. Each month the NCMEC provides information regarding missing children and notifies GSA when a featured missing child is located.

The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/missingchildren.

Last Reviewed: 2021-10-04