The National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000 codified the bright idea of sharing lighthouses as historical treasures with the public. To date, more than 151 lighthouses have been sold or transferred out of federal ownership, with 81 transferred at no cost to eligible entities, and 70 sold by auction to the public, generating about $10 million. Learn more about how our process works. Find your path to lighthouse ownership in one of these entry points.

Public offerings

You can’t get more waterfront than this! We open the popular lighthouse disposal for the public in June. This annual program allows the public to purchase lighthouses through online, real-time auctions. In the past decade, the program has put lighthouses across the country into the hands of those who love waterfront living and historical restoration. And this takes a burden off taxpayers for maintaining the properties. Start your journey here for more information on acquiring your seaside or lakeside retreat.

Upcoming public auctions (starting June 2023)

Nonprofit and agency offerings

Recognizing the cultural, recreational, and educational value of historic light stations, the NHLPA allows these national treasures to be transferred at no cost to federal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofit corporations, educational and community development organizations. We work with the U.S. Coast Guard and National Park Service to determine available lighthouses. NPS administers a competitive application process. If no selected steward is approved, we may auction the property to the public.

See available lighthouses.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-05-24