The Porthill LPOE is a limited-service port of entry operating 16 hours daily serving personal vehicles, buses, and limited commercial truck traffic between Porthill, Idaho and eastern British Columbia, Canada.

Aerial view of a few white-roofed buildings in clusters, with roads and driveways encircling them, with brown grassland and a few trees around them
Cropped view of map diagram with color-coded buildings, and roads, all labeled

Project Overview

GSA will consolidate POV and Commercial screening operations into a high-low configuration and further consolidate building functions to better support limited staffing availability in this remote area of the border.

When completed the new LPOE will significantly improve traffic flow and create a modernized work environment consistent with other ports within the CBP inventory.

The Port Expansion project will enhance the Port's operational efficiency and capability by adding an additional POV inbound inspection lane and additional secondary inspection lanes. New, modern and energy efficient facilities will be designed and constructed to house Port operations and processing functions.

Project Benefits

After 55 years of continuous operation, the Porthill LPOE is far beyond its useful life and is no longer able to meet the operational needs of CBP. Incremental interior space adjustments have left the port inadequate to deliver the required range of services. When complete, the new LPOE will enable vastly improved mission delivery and position the port for its next 30-50 years of operations and service to the community.

Last Reviewed: 2022-02-24