Policy & Guidance

RWA Customer Guidance & Resources:

RWA Fee Reform:

Effective August 1, 2020, the fee structure for Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWAs) changed for the first time since 1995. The previous 4% + sliding scale fee was replaced by a simple, single fee based on overall project costs.

Year End Customer Letter:

A letter is sent annually to all customers providing guidelines for submission of RWAs as the fiscal year progresses and comes to a close.

As a reminder, the deadline is for fully executable RWAs, meaning the WR must be provided sufficiently in advance of the deadlines outlined in the communication to allow PBS appropriate time to develop the requirements, scope, and estimate. The time it takes to develop these items depends upon the complexity of the scope of work and the available resources in each region.

Failure to submit an RWA to GSA by the identified date(s) reduces, and in many cases, eliminates the likelihood GSA will accept the RWA in the current fiscal year. The FY22 Year End Letter for all customers can be found below. Additionally, Q&As on Year End Information can be found on our Training and FAQs: RWA Process page.

GSA's Micro-Purchase Delegation of Authority

Customers may directly procure projects and services without an RWA in facilities under the jurisdiction, custody, and control of GSA, as long as the cost of the work is under the Micro-Purchase threshold ($2,000 for construction, $2,500 for services). Please visit the Facilities Management page for more information and guidance regarding Micro-Purchase Delegation of Authority.

Overtime Utility Communications & Resources:

FPDS Codes:

The RWA Form includes Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) Funding Agency Code and FPDS Funding Office Code (Blocks 14A and 14B) to comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements. For questions regarding these codes, including where to find your FPDS Administrators and information, please reference the Acquisitions website. For even more information, visit the FPDS-NG website.

Last Reviewed: 2023-05-11