Native American Tribes

GSA offers a range of services available to federally recognized Native American Tribes, from surplus property donations to vehicle purchases. In addition, recognized tribes can use this page to receive notice of GSA actions and policies that affect tribes, as well as provide comment.

Getting started

How GSA helps customers

Native American Tribes’ access to GSA services is similar to that of federal agencies.

Property transfer and public sales

These programs offer items that the federal government no longer needs, for sale to the general public by competitive means such as auction, negotiation, and bidding.

GSA can help tribes dispose of or acquire excess personal property (e.g., office supplies, machinery).

Real property transfer

Federal property available for transfer ranges from undeveloped land to commercial property to single- and multiple-family housing.

Vehicle sales

GSA offers deeply discounted vehicle sales solutions to meet tribal automotive needs.

NHPA Section 106 Tribal Consultation

This section offers background on federal policy relating to Native American tribes, particularly around historic preservation.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-05-19