Register Your Business

The following process is required for all vendors working with GSA:

  1. Obtain a Unique Entity Identifier
    By April of 2022, entities registered in the System for Award Management and doing business with the federal government will use a UEI created in SAM.
  2. Get a North American Industrial Classification System code
    NAICS codes are used to communicate your industry and find opportunities through various resources. You can register for more than one NAICS code. Be sure to keep a record your registered code(s).
  3. Verify your small business status on the Small Business Administration website
    On SBA you can verify that the size of your business qualifies your company as a small business. While there, consider beginning the certification process so that you can be eligible for opportunities in one or more of the following socioeconomic groups:
  4. Register with the System for Award Management
    Your business must register in SAM before you can be awarded a contract, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement.
Last Reviewed: 2023-01-17