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Enhanced Software Licensing Agreements

These enhancements of existing agreements reduce the costs and complexities involved with federal acquisition of commercial software. They provide ready access to exemplary software agreements that are in-place and available for use.

These agreements, which follow the spirit of FITARA and the OMB Category Management software licensing memo (M-16-12), were constructed with requirements input and advice from federal agencies. They are based on the latest IT Schedule 70 contracts, which carry comprehensive protections for the federal government:

  • Adobe – See Contractor T&Cs/Pricelist under U.S. Government Adobe FITARA Addendum on the federal side of the Acquisition Gateway
  • ESRI – See Contractor T&Cs/Pricelist under Esri FITARA Addendum on the federal-side of the Acquisition Gateway.
  • HPe – See Contractor T&Cs/Pricelist under U.S. Government HPE FITARA Addendum on the federal-side of the Acquisition Gateway

How to Order

Because these are enhancements of existing agreements, use the same ordering process for any other IT Schedule 70 contract.

Salesforce Government BPA

The Salesforce BPA supports our customers and improves acquisition efficiency and effectiveness in the federal government.

Salesforce Governmetn BPA
  • How to order
  • Contract highlights
  • Increased acquisition efficiency
  • Background
  • Resources

Order Software IT Products, Services, and Solutions Contracts

Commercial IT Products and Services Contracts

IT Schedule 70 features over 5,000 industry partners offering a wide variety of sustainable commercial IT products and services.

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) offer federal agencies access to software, training, and professional services as part of a total IT solution.

Software Purchase Agreements (formerly known as SmartBUY) offers commodity software and services at deep discounts. Refer to the list of all Software agreements for publishers and reseller information.

State, local, and tribal governments can use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to buy software and cloud from IT Schedule 70 and certain SmartBUY agreements.

Networx allows federal agencies to build seamless, secure operating environments through customized telecommunications services, including software.

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