Telecommunications Services Customer Support

How We Can Help You

We are committed to providing timely and quality customer service. We support federal agencies' to help define business needs and provide solutions of telecommunications and enterprise infrastructure services. Our dedicated teams are prepared to help agencies with acquisition planning and execution efforts for each of our telecom contracts. They can connect you with any of our program managers for more detailed information.

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Customer Support

Our Solutions Brokers (SBs) assist agencies with defining business requirements, develop solicitations, acquisition planning, and task order execution efforts. SBs also coordinate with other organizations in support of life-cycle project management and implementation, service ordering and delivery of vendor services, service order notification, vendor billing, dispute resolution, and service level agreement (SLA) management.

Networx (Enterprise/Universal) Customer Support

For Networx related support please contact:

Our team of Technology Service Managers (TSMs) provide agencies with a single point of contact for assistance with Networx related activities such as inventory, delivery of vendor services, vendor billing, dispute resolution, and service level agreement (SLA) management.

WITS3 Customer Support

Find your agencies pre and post acquisition customer support representatives.

Local Telecommunications and GSA Full Service National Helpdesk

Inquires and questions regarding the GSA Local Telecommunications Services Program (Full Service) can be directed to Find additional information on the GSA Local Telecommunications Services Program page.

To report a telephone or trouble outage please contact or call 866-504-6353.

Our help desk support team provides a single point of contact for reporting line troubles and outages for all GSA managed voice and/or data services. We offer repair and restoration services 24x7x365 to GSA customers located in the Continental United States (CONUS), Puerto Rico, Saipan, and Guam.

EIS Contact Support Table

Find your agency’s Solutions Broker representative.

WITS3 Customer Support Table

To inquire about any telecommunications product or service for your agency, contact the Customer Service Branch. For IT and professional services assistance, search the table below to contact your Agency Manager.

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Last Reviewed: 2021-10-21