E-Gov Travel Service (ETS)

The E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) is a government-wide, web-based, and world-class travel management service. This streamlined service continually applies commercial best practices to realize travel efficiencies and deliver a transparent, accountable, and sustainable service that yields exceptional customer satisfaction.


The ETS program is currently operating in its second contract period, ETS2, which includes a three (3)-year base period and three four (4)-year option periods through June 3, 2027. The legacy ETS transition ran through November 11, 2015. The government is preparing to deliver the next iteration of an end-to-end travel and expense service, called ETSNext.

With ETS2 you can:

  • Create and manage travel authorizations and the travel approval process.
  • Submit vouchers and receive reimbursements.
  • Notify the traveler and the approver when a selection is out of compliance with flexible auditing based on agency business rules.
  • Capture receipts, manage itineraries, and approve authorizations and vouchers on a capable mobile device.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-05-09