Lodging Negotiations and Management Services

The Travel Category Schedule includes Lodging Negotiations and Management Services (SIN 561599L). This offering provides a full suite of lodging negotiation and management services for short-term stay, extended stay, and corporate housing needs. Specifically, SIN 561599L (listing of approved contractors) includes the following:

  • Electronic lodging request for proposal systems and services.
  • Lodging locator and reservation services.
  • Leasing/rental support.
  • Pricing, negotiation assistance, and support.
  • Lodging management services.
  • Marketing.
  • Rate/compliance auditing service.
  • Lodging management support for disaster planning, recovery, and support.
  • Pre-positioning support for first responders, incident management teams, evacuees/victims, and associated personnel supporting an emergency effort.
Last Reviewed: 2022-10-05