Per Diem Contacts

The General Services Administration establishes travel policy (includes per diem) only for federal employees (excluding federal contractors) on official travel away from their local duty station or areas defined by their agency, and cannot speak for any other state, city, or agency’s travel policy.

Please visit the Internal Revenue Service website for further information on per diem, privately owned mileage reimbursement rate, rental car policies, the high-low method including tax withholdings for the non-federal sector.

The Defense Department website establishes all per diem rates for Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. possessions, including Puerto Rico.

The State Department website establishes all foreign per diem rates.

GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy’s Center for Travel and Relocation is responsible for addressing all Federal agency inquiries concerning travel and relocation, as well as the content in the Federal Travel Regulation. For all Federal agency inquiries concerns per diem and other travel and relocation questions, visit the Have a Question? section of the travel website to submit your inquiry.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-17