Rail Travel

businessmen on trainAmtrak offers federal government employees discounted fares for business travel. For specific Amtrak services and routes covered by the Federal Government Discount Program, please visit amtrak.com/government-discount. To receive the Federal Government discount, reservations must be booked through the traveler’s authorized travel management system, and may not be booked on Amtrak.com.

Fully Refundable Federal Government Fares

Your reservation is fully refundable when you book a federal government fare through an approved channel. These channels include CWT's E2 Solutions, SAP Concur's ConcurGov, or your agency’s Travel Management Company (TMC). You can cancel your reservation through Amtrak.com, the Amtrak mobile app, by calling Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL, or with an Amtrak Station Agent. Cancellations made prior to departure will be refunded; however, no-shows or no-cancellations will be forfeited.

Improvements and safety measures

Amtrak has made public health and safety a top priority. Learn more about their safety measures and improvements.


Riding Amtrak on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) reduces a passenger’s greenhouse emissions. On the NEC, travel with Amtrak produces 83% less emissions than driving alone and up to 73% less than flying. To find out more go to amtrak.com/sustainability.

Benefits to Amtrak Rail Travel

  • Free Wi-Fi on the Northeast Corridor trains.
  • Electrical outlets are available at each seat.
  • City center to city center services are available in most areas.
  • Each traveler may bring 2 personal and 2 carry-on items. Size and weight limitations apply.
  • Generous seat and leg room.
  • Café Cars offer food and beverages.
  • Quiet cars on each Northeast Corridor train.
  • Fully refundable tickets.

For more information on the Amtrak Federal Discount Program, visit amtrak.com/government-discount. For more help, visit Contact Amtrak.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-18