Using the Website

Finding information

You can find content on in a variety of ways:

  • Browsing
    The website is organized by topics. The Site Map presents the top levels of these topics. Explore these topics using the navigation buttons and links on the left side of each page. Boxes on the right side of pages display links to relevant material elsewhere on the site and on other sites.

    You’ll find descriptions of GSA’s offerings by topic through the blue tab buttons at the top of each page. You can also find a broad range of reference material and information about the agency in “About GSA" under the “Learn More” tab.

    Information from each of our 11 regional offices is presented in the Regions section of “About GSA” and our services and staff offices are described in Organization.

    Breadcrumbs in the light blue bar beneath the blue tab buttons represent the hierarchical location of a page within the website topics. For example “Home > How We Help > New to GSA? > Using the website” is the location of this page. Each underlined word in the breadcrumb jumps to that topic.

  • Searching
    When you enter terms in the site search engine form at the top right of every page, you’ll get a list of pages on this site that relate to that term.

  • Contact information
    The staff directory link at the top of every page goes to the directory of GSA employees. Frequently requested contacts are displayed. Lists of contacts relevant to different topics or services are also available.

    Throughout the site, contacts of relevance to each page are presented on the right.

Printing pages

When you click the “Print” button at the bottom of a page, you’ll get a view of the primary page content without buttons, navigation links, or sidebar cross-references. This view will typically allow your computer to print page information appropriately. To go back to the primary view of the page, click the “Back to original” link in the upper right corner.

The printed version of a Web page may not look the same as it does on the computer screen. It may or may not print satisfactorily, depending on the settings of the web browser, computer, and printer (which can vary widely).

Sending feedback

Your opinions are important to us. Please use the feedback form on the Contacts page to submit comments, questions, and suggestions to the website. We’ll respond to you if requested and if you provide an email address. When reporting problems with the site, it’s helpful to include the URL (Web address) of the problem page.

You may be randomly selected and asked to take a customer satisfaction survey. Your responses will be used to help us improve

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-08