Sustainable Facilities Management

Welcome to the GSA Region 8 High-Performance Operations Office of Facilities Management!

GSA Region 8 has been focusing on sustainable solutions for years.

“We've made amazing strides so far. Strong Tenant Partnering will take us to the next level.”

Here are some highlights of our accomplishments.

R8 Sustainable Management Tab 1 Investments in Resilience & Infrastructure


Region 8 is paving the way to a sustainable future through: 

Six white wind turbines in a very green field with a very blue sky
  • Standardized Scope Language and Project Reviews ensure sustainability is built-in
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) expand funding capabilities.
  • Generated Renewable Energy via On-site Solar, Wind, & Geothermal and Utility- provider off-site renewable subscriptions
  • GSA Proving Ground tests and deploys emerging technologies with a Pilot-to-Portfolio strategy
  • Reflective roofs reduce cooling load and heat island effect
  • Our Electric Vehicle program that provides guidance and coordination for installing



R8 Sustainability Management Tab 2 graphic materials


 R8 ewaste photo Sustainable FM

Choosing safer materials creates healthful workplaces and proper disposal diverts waste from landfills. We proudly practice: 

  • Mindful Contracting and Procurement of Sustainable Custodial and Construction Products with the SF Tool
  • Recycling of everyday items, universal wastes, excess property, E-waste, and compost (where feasible), and construction waste 
  • Phasing out Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants


Our actions have resulted in an Annual Waste Diversion Rate of 56%. 


R8 Sustainable Facilities Management Tenant Partnering tab 3

This is where you come into play.

R8 Sustainable FM Human Comfort Diagram

The Energy Act of 2020 and EO’s ABC and XYZ call for a government-wide effort toward sustainability.

We can’t achieve these national goals without your help!

YOU control the energy use in your space by:

  • Limiting plug loads by powering off at night/weekends and unplugging equipment when not in use.
  • Adhering to runtimes and schedules and Regional Standard Space Temperatures & Setbacks agreed-upon in the Occupancy Agreement Enact Data Center (IT) Efficiency Standards
  • Educating and empower your workforce
  • Enabling your employees to use alternate transportation by coordinating rideshares, providing transit subsidies, and installing EV charging stations
  • Encouraging participation in our recycling and compost programs and Building Green Teams
  • Ensuring your agency follows green purchasing standards
  • Implementing Health & Wellness standards like Daylighting and Active Design
Sustainable Certifications banner
R8 LEED and Fitwel seals for Sustainable FM Certifications page

Here are some of the certifications we’ve received:

  • 50% of R8’s portfolio is Guiding Principles certified
  • 16 buildings Fitwel (Health & Wellness) certified LEED
    • New construction and major renovations are LEED BD+C Gold or better
    • Pursuing DFC LEED Master Site Plan
    • Many LEEP APs on staff
  • Downtown Denver is a 2030 District Member
  • GSA is a pivotal member of the Federal Interagency Sustainability Working Group
Region 8 Sustainable FM  Monitoring Usage & Optimizing Operations Tab 5 graphic

Smart Buildings Software Solutions include:

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Advanced Metering & Submetering
  • Energy and Water Intraweb Dashboard
  • GSA Link Data Analytics
R8 HiPo graphic small

Region 8’s Team of High-Performance Operations Specialists (HiPOs) and Building Efficiency Experts (BEEs):

  • Monitor and Track Energy & Water Usage
  • Collaborate with Facility Teams to Identify
  • Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and
  • leverage synergies
  • Harness the Computerized Maintenance
  • Management System to plan effective
  • Preventative Maintenance and make
  • informed decisions.
  • Perform Continuous Commissioning and BAS Re-tuning to enhance efficiency

The result?

  • 36% Energy Use Reduction (vs. 2003)
  • 51% Water Use Reduction (vs. 2007)