Episode 3 - Three Women, Three Stories of Service

In this episode of the “GSA Does That!?,” we celebrate Women’s History Month by speaking with three incredible women from GSA. Charlotte Phelan, Erin Holcombe, and Zane Selkirk share their stories of navigating the federal workplace as women and offer insights into their career paths and experiences at GSA.

Charlotte Phelan, a long-time government employee, shares her journey from the Navy to GSA, highlighting the opportunities and challenges she faced. She emphasizes the importance of a solid educational background and experience in data analytics for anyone considering a career in federal service. Charlotte also discusses the unique role of GSA in federal acquisition and the positive feedback she received about the agency’s mission, leading her to apply for a position there.

Erin Holcombe, with a background in architecture and design, brings a different perspective to the conversation. She shares her experience in the private sector and the transition to federal service at GSA. Erin discusses the impact of her work on a larger scale and the rewarding feeling of making a difference. She also highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, specifically in the tech and construction fields.

Lastly, Zane Selkirk speaks about her unique path from the private sector to the federal government, particularly her role in GSA’s Technology Modernization Fund (TMF). She emphasizes the importance of mentorship and networking, especially for women entering the federal workforce. Zane also shares her transition experience from the private sector to government work, noting the differences in scale and complexity.

Throughout the episode, the guests offer valuable advice for anyone considering a career in federal service. They emphasize the importance of education, mentorship, and diversity in the workplace. Their stories inspire and provide valuable insights for women interested in the federal workforce.

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