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  • Login.gov continues to expand, offering new pathways to securely accessing government services online

    | GSA Blog Team
    A growing number of Americans are benefiting from Login.gov–the simple and secure way to access government benefits and services online. Login.gov increases equitable access to benefits and services
  • Reducing fraud and increasing access drives record adoption and usage of Login.gov

    | GSA Blog Team
    Highlights of Login.govLogin.gov enables members of the public to create a single digital account that allows access to programs at over 43 federal and state agencies. This “one account for government
  • Podcasting? GSA Does That!

    | GSA Blog Team

    GSA is a complex agency.

    In its 74 years of doing business, GSA is often thought of as the federal government’s landlord, or the place where traveling government employees check how much hotel rooms cost.

  • GSA’s 10x program launches 15 new good-for-people technology projects

    | 10X Team
    What if an idea could change how the government works for the public? Uses technology? Delivers services? Processes data? Advances equity? 10x — a program within GSA’s Technology Transformation Servic
  • Five Years, Faster Federal Technology

    | Jennifer Rostami, Executive Director of the Centers of Excellence

    Centers of Excellence (CoE) celebrates important milestone

    Happy 5th anniversary to GSA’s Centers of Excellence (CoE)! Our team of experts has spent the past five years helping over 30 federal partners improve and streamline the way government works. A few great examples include:

  • 10x: A home for federal innovators

    | GSA Blog Team
    Are you the go-to person for ideas on your team? Are you the one who finds creative ways to solve problems? Do you see opportunities where others see challenges? Here’s the good news: GSA’s 10x progra...
  • Putting People at the Center of Digital Government

    | Leilani Martínez, Acting Director, Public Experience Portfolio and the Public Experience Team
    USAGov and USAGov en Español are working to reimagine the way we provide government information and services to the public. The USAGov team is an example of how GSA’s Technology Transformation Service...
  • Bulk Data Download is here on Regulations.Gov!

    | Tobias Schroeder, Director, eRulemaking Program
    Members of the public often want to download documents and comments in order to review and analyze information outside of the Regulations.gov system. Now they can. In September, eRulemaking released a...
  • 10 Years of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

    | Robin Carnahan, General Services Administrator
    We recently celebrated 10 years of the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program, which has welcomed about 200 private-sector experts to serve in about 50 agencies. Through it, federal agencies ge...
  • It Takes a Village: Supporting equitable access to the Child Tax Credit

    | Technology Transformation Services
    When President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law just one year ago, he increased the Child Tax Credit from $2,000 to $3,000 per child for children over the age of six, and from $2,000 to...