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    Landmark federal ruling ensures everyone can cross safely

    | GSA Blog Team

    Think of someone wanting to cross an intersection, advises Michael Foegelle, GSA’s National Accessibility Officer, where the raised concrete bumps seem designed to impede movement. 

    They are.

    “The curb ramps and raised warning bumps are designed to help people with mobility and vision disabilities,” he says, to prevent them from entering an intersection before they are ready. …


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    African American History Month: Hallowed Grounds in the Heart of Manhattan

    | Greg Flynn, Communications Specialist
    At GSA, we are fortunate to be the caretakers of many important sites and structures throughout the United States. Twenty five years ago, we discovered one of the most important sites in African American history in our inventory in the heart of one of...
  • GSA Looks Back at the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    | Matthew Burrell
    In 2009, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), to provide $787 billion in economic stimulus during the recession. The General Services Administration (GSA) received $5.5 billion of ARRA funds to convert...
  • Get a Closer Look into Your Agency’s Office Supplies Savings and Spend

    | Tina Franzese, Federal Acquisition Service Region 2 Communications Specialist
    Looking for more data on your agency’s office supplies purchases? Need to know how much your agency is spending in certain cities and states, or how much of the agency’s spending is going to small bus...
  • GSA's Computers for Learning Program: The Art of Being an Economic Catalyst

    | Ann P. Kalayil, Regional Administrator, Great Lakes Region
    Growing the General Services Administration (GSA) into an Economic Catalyst requires a lot of big-picture thinking to help empower local economies. GSA’s Computers for Learning (CFL) program lets us be an Economic Catalyst on the ground in local...
  • Open Data: Empowering Americans to Make Data-Driven Decisions

    | Kristen Honey
    Photo Caption: President Obama with Chief Technology Officer team members Ryan Panchadsaram and Corinna Zarek, and U.S. Chief Information Officer Tony Scott viewing Analytics.usa.govEditor's Note: Thi...
  • GSA-DHA Health IT Partnership

    | Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner, Integrated Technology Services

    Recently, General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and the Defense Health Agency entered into a strategic seven-year partnership representing an estimated $5.4 billion in spend for critical Health IT services and solutions. Through this partnership, DHA will direct new health IT procurements to GSA IT contracts, including IT Schedule 70 and the Alliant, Alliant SB, 8(a)STARS II, and VETS Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts.

  • Making Your Agency Apps Secure

    | Ashley Wichman

    Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared on DigitalGov’s Blog.

    It’s Saturday night: Do you know what your mobile app is doing?

    Securing your mobile device is hard (no matter what day of the week). And there are numerous threats that can be posed by the apps on your device: an app could be spying on you, stealing your money, stealing data or reconfiguring the settings on your device.

  • GSA’s Latest Hit Video Highlights FAR Changes

    | Joan Kornblith, Communications Manager
    General Services Administration’s (GSA) new video series highlighting changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is proving to be a big hit with procurement professionals government-wide. Just a few weeks after it was released, the first “FAN...
  • Federal Workforce On Duty During Winter Storm

    | David Shive , GSA Chief Information Officer
    Last week’s winter storm pummelled the East Coast of the United States, leaving as much as 30 inches of snow across the region. Despite federal buildings being closed due to impassable roads and suspended mass transit, U.S. General Service...