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GSA's Northeast and Caribbean Region Reaches $1.6 Million Mark in Demand Response Rebate

| Nisha Jasani, Office of Communications and Marketing, Northeast & Caribbean Region
Post filed in: Cost Savings  |  Green Building  |  Public Buildings Service

For a third year in a row, Public Buildings Service (PBS) Commissioner Norm Dong, Regional Administrator Denise Pease, and Regional Commissioner Frank Santella gathered at the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in New York to celebrate a major milestone. Since the region's initial participation in a local shedding demand response program in 2011, GSA's Northeast and Caribbean Region has earned demand response rebates for curtailing energy use during high demand periods, and the region was recently presented with a rebate check for $1.6 million. The check represents dollars saved in energy consumption, paid back to GSA by NuEnergen.

This year, the region earned more than $303,000 for participating in the demand response program. The money will be used for projects such as photovoltaic solar array, data logger projects for steam, gas, and electric meters, building management system retro commissioning, fiber optic cable, stairwell lighting, and LED lighting.

Through NuEnergen's Demand Response program, we receive payments for lowering our energy usage during times when the power grids in New York and New Jersey are stressed. By participating in demand response programs, the region:

  • Continues to benefit financially as a result of developing a plan of action for events related to grid failure,
  • Reduces its risk by having a developed outage response plan, and
  • Participates in a carbon-offsetting, emissions reducing state-funded program.

Currently, 17 federal buildings are enrolled in the New York Independent System Operator's Demand Response Program and New Jersey's PJM Interconnection Demand Response Program. Under both programs, GSA is required to curtail energy use during high demand periods by 6,360 kilowatts, which is equivalent of providing enough electricity to power thousands of homes.

Rebates earned through these programs have helped us fund energy and water saving projects in GSA's buildings. By participating in this electric power grid reliability program, GSA is doing its part to reduce the carbon footprint and help the local area avoid blackouts.